Directions: If the underlined part of the sentence is an independent clause, write IND in the blank. The cat liked to chase mice. Subordinate clauses contain a subject and a verb, however, unlike main clauses, subordinates do not make sense on their own. 2. and therefore, they do not make clauses subordinate, so clauses linked with coordinating conjunctions remain independent. S 1. 'height' : 250, Perfect for SPaG worksheets, homework or consolidation. The subordinating conjunction may be placed in between the two clauses no comma required or at the start of the sentence comma needed after the first clause. 's' : '') + '://">'); atOptions = { The professor asked many questions but no one could answer. Perfect for spag worksheets homework or consolidation. He does not like the people who smoke. 'params' : {} An independent clause or main clause expresses a complete thought. Example: Main: I went to the store. Activity 1: Recognizing Subordinate Clauses Identify any subordinate clauses, and underline subordinating conjunctions. Adding Subordinate Clauses Worksheet Dependent Clause Clause Grammar Worksheets, Writing Sentences With Subordinate Clauses Worksheet Sentence Writing Sentences Worksheets, Worksheet Joining Sentences With Subordinating Conjunctions Connect The Two Short And Simple Sent Subordinating Conjunctions Conjunctions Complex Sentences, Complex Sentences Worksheets Complex Sentences Worksheet Writing Sentences Complex Sentences Complex Sentences Worksheets Sentences, Finding Adjective Clauses Worksheet Adjectives Adjective Worksheet 10 Adjectives, Main And Subordinate Clauses Teaching Sentences Subordinate Subordinating Conjunctions, Identifying Clauses Worksheet Grammar Worksheets Free Grammar Worksheet Verb Worksheets, Writing With Subordinating Conjunctions 3rd Grade Conjunction Worksheets Conjunctions Worksheet Subordinating Conjunctions Combining Sentences, Independent Dependent Clauses Worksheet Answer Key In 2020 Dependent Clause Dependent And Independent Clauses Clause, Englishlinx Com Clauses Worksheets Dependent And Independent Clauses Dependent Clause Clause, Find The Subordinate Clause Sentence Structure Worksheets Subordinating Conjunctions Dependent Clause Sentence Structure, Is It An Independent Clause Or A Dependent Clause Grammar Worksheets Dependent Clause Dependent And Independent Clauses Grammar Worksheets, Englishlinx Com Clauses Worksheets Parts Of A Sentence Sentences Clause, Clauses Worksheets Main And Subordinate Clauses Worksheet Subordinate Clause Learn English Words, Adding Dependent And Independent Clauses Worksheet Dependent And Independent Clauses Scientific Method Worksheet Sentence Fragments, Combine The Clauses Using A Conjunction Answer Conjunctions Worksheet Subordinating Conjunctions Conjunctions, Englishlinx Com Clauses Worksheets Sentence Writing Sentences Worksheets, Noun Clauses A Noun Clause Is A Dependent Subordinate Clause That Plays The Role Of A Noun I E Name A Person Nouns English Phrases English Grammar Rules, What Is And Independent Clause Worksheet Dependent Clause Subject And Predicate Worksheets Clause, Your email address will not be published. Directions: If the underlined part of the sentence is an independent clause, write IND in the blank. A simple explanation of main and subordinate clauses and some practice sentences. In english there are mainly three types of subordinate clauses. Exercise A Identify each of the following clauses as independent or subordinate.On the line provided,write IND for independent clause or SUB for subordinate clause. ___ 8. EXAMPLEs _ _ _IND_ _ _ 1. document.write('