Thermal Properties of Polymers - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Polymer properties. ing pharmaceutical polymers. erosion. Polymers and their properties. A vast number of biodegradable polymers have been synthesized recently and some microorganisms and enzymes capable of degrading them have been identified. Physical properties of polymers include molecular weight, molar volume, density, degree of polymerization, crystallinity of material, and so on. Use of non-reinforced polymers as structure materials is limited by low level of their mechanical properties, namely strength, modulus, and impact resistance. The cis-double bonds in the hydrocarbon chain provide planar segments that stiffen, but do not straighten the chain. The structure and properties of polymers. • Crystalline structure is regular arrangement of atoms. … Mechanical Properties of Polymers Figure 15.17 The stress-strain curve for 6,6-nylon, a typical thermoplastic polymer. Modelling extension activities suggested for kinaesthetic learners. B. 1. Conducting polymer ppt. Polymers do not melt, they change state from crystalline to semi-crystalline. Some of these are discussed herewith in the following sections. professor joe greene csu, chico. Mechanical properties of polymers 8. Tensile strength measures the forces needed to snap a polymer. Crystalline polymers Areas in polymer where chains packed in regular way. Electrospinning is a fiber production method which uses electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions or polymer melts up to fiber diameters in the order of some hundred nanometers. because of its properties like high tensile strength, resistance to high temperatures and corrosion resistance. Additives 10. You can change your ad preferences anytime. properties of the polymer. Due to its non-toxic nature it is used • Stronger attractive forces between chains = stronger, less flexible polymer. Conclusion Acknowledgements Glossary These polymers are depicted as follows: 8 V.S.Saravana Mani, Head& Asso.Prof, Dept. chains.