block diagram of a monocline The Grandview-Phantom Monocline in the Grand Canyon , Arizona oldest beds in the center of the folds (both in map/transverse cross-section) 2.) Anticline. (f) A basin has the A monocline (or, rarely, a monoform) is a step-like fold in rock strata consisting of a zone of steeper dip within an otherwise horizontal or gently-dipping sequence. (b) A syncline looks like a trough. on surface will appear as a series of parallel rock bands elongated on the axis of fold Older layers appear in the center of anticlines in map view. An anticline is a fold that is convex: it curves like a rainbow. Monolith vs Monocline A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock. You can remember the difference by noting that anticlines form an "A" shape, and synclines form the bottom of an "S Plunging hinge (c) A monocline looks like a stair step, and is commonly draped over a fault block. As the world's largest monocline Mt Augustus has a central ridge which is almost 8 kilometres long and it is estimated that the rock of the mountain is some 1000 million years old. Synclines are folds in which each half of the fold dips toward the trough of the fold. Anticline 2. The last type of the major folding structures is the monocline, often described as “half an anticline”—there is only one dipping limb coming off flat or horizontal layers. Anticline showing fold hinge line and strike and dip symbols. (a) An anticline looks like an arch. – Strike is the compass direction of the intersection of the plane with the Anticlines (Non-Plunging) 1.) Basin 5. GG303 Lecture 28 9/4/01 5 Stephen Martel 28-5 University of Hawaii “A” is for “anticline,” and the capital letter “A” represents the shape of the fold. (d) A plunging anticline has a tilted hinge. A monocline, or monoform, is a fold in rock strata with a zone of steeper dig on a horizontal or gently-dipping sequence, like a step. Monocline: gentle anticline-syncline pair with horizontal outer limbs Overturned syncline: one limb of syncline is overturned Overturned anticline: one limb of anticline: is overturned Overturned folds Monocline Fig. NON PLUNGING FOLD : A fold whose axis is horizontal on the plunge of the fold axis is 0 degree. PLUNGING FOLD : A fold whose axis is inclined at an angle (0